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Compliance with environmental standards

Our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) policy requires the determination of minimum environmental standards for the assets we are committed to protecting and for each of our projects irrespective of local regulatory requirements. 

Our environmental management program covers several processes to ensure compliance with internal and external regulatory requirements. To achieve this, Nobel Energy and its subsidiaries employ precise rules and regulations in relation to the environment. 

Thanks to our approach to project implementation and the environmental plan, systematic environmental risk management methods have been applied in a way that increases value not only for us but also for our stakeholders. The company’s environmental risk management is an integral part of our management system.

In carrying out our activities, we continuously analyze changes in existing legislation and regulations at the propose stage to identify environmental risks and opportunities, take them into account in the process of project implementation and manage them through regular monitoring. In addition, our HSE team conducts regular monitoring to assess the state of the environment at production sites.