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Nobel Oil Services (UK) Ltd. launches Go-Live of SAP corporate information system

Nobel Oil Services (UK) Ltd. launches Go-Live of SAP corporate information system


Nobel Oil Services (UK) Ltd., a London-registered company, today announced the launch of Go-Live of corporate information system based on SAP and OpenText.

Implementation of SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), OpenText and other SAP products allows Nobel Oil to create a centralized database, improve accuracy and quality of information, organize and optimize business processes in key operational areas in accordance with the best international standards in the industry. The system enables Nobel Oil to improve the efficiency and the quality of management by reducing labor intensity and timing in preparation of mandatory and management reporting.

New corporate information system ensured by introduction of SAP best practices will facilitate the higher level of command and overall control of business operations in 5 subsidiaries of Nobel Oil Services, including the Branch of Nobel Oil Ltd. in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Glensol, Llamrei (Dubai), Socar-AQS, and ProKon.  

The system was implemented by INLINE GROUP, one of the leading Russian solution providers specialized in execution of major IT projects.  

Igor Gulianskii, Project Manager on SAP Implementation in Nobel Oil, the representative of INLINE GROUP said: 'During the project we automated more than 180 business processes in the areas of finance, supply chain management, project management, human capital management, and document management and control.'        

Igor Kupriy, ERP Project Manger of Nobel Oil, said: 'We conducted trainings for more than 150 end-users from 5 companies, who will take advantage of the system.'

Ali Batu, CEO and Chairman of SAP Project Steering Committee of Nobel Oil Services (UK) Ltd, expressed his gratification with the team endeavors in project realization. 'The high level of cooperation and demonstrated commitment by all staff were key in achieving a successful outcome,' he commented.