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Nobel Oil Services (UK) to introduce a unified document management system based on SAP

Nobel Oil Services (UK) to introduce a unified document management system based on SAP


Nobel Oil Services (UK) Ltd group of companies and «INLINE GROUP», one of the leading Russian solution providers, has launched a comprehensive ERP implementation project in Azerbaijan based on SAP AG solutions.

Nobel Oil’s efforts to introduce a single integrated business system based on SAP ERP aims to standardise the Group’s business processes, thus enhancing coherence and consistency amongst its various enterprises and subsidiaries. The SAP’s innovative solutions will also significantly simplify the process of preparation and submission of regular and compulsory business reporting by creating a unified database to reflect the most accurate and up-to-date information.

In addition, through the introduction of a single automated document and information management system, Nobel Oil expects to achieve considerable increase of efficiency in document preparation process and document turnover in general, as well improvement in the accuracy and relevance of the information used. This advancement will allow Nobel Oil to improve the efficiency and transparency at every phase of our operational, supply chain, financial, human resource and  management processes.

As part of the initial plan, more than 200 members of staff, including the company’s top-management, are expected to use the new corporate wide ERP system.

Michael Wring, CEO of Nobel Oil Services (UK) Ltd, expressed his hope that the introduction of the system becomes an important step in taking his company further. ‘We’re constantly trying to increase efficiency and cut down on redundant bureaucracy in order to optimise our business process. Introduction of SAP solutions will also help us immensely in terms of achieving a better coordination and cohesion between various companies within our group’, he said.

‘We appreciate our partners’ approval and confidence in our experience with SAP-related products and projects’, said Alexey Romashkin, CEO of «INLINE GROUP». ‘Our experts and consultants have developed a vast expertise and experience in providing solutions. The partnership with Nobel Oil should become another successful case for us, thus strengthening our position in the regional market’.