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Nobel Oil Services to undertake Gas Storage Expansion Project in Turkey

Nobel Oil Services to undertake Gas Storage Expansion Project in Turkey


Nobel Oil Services’ subsidiary SOCAR AQS signed a contract on Gas Storage Expansion Project in Turkey.

SOCAR AQS will deliver this project for JV between China's Camc Engineering and Turkey's IC Içtaş Construction. The contract involves Tuzgolu Underground Gas Storage Drilling Works (UGS) Phase 2. Within the scope of the contract SOCAR AQS will drill 40 caverns with total depth of 62.000 meters, 1.550 meters for each.

The Project aims to enlarge storage space in a salt cavern field of the Tuzgolu area, about 200 km south of Ankara, Turkey. Realization of the project will improve Turkey’s gas supply security and reduce the carbon intensity of the power supply.

“SOCAR AQS proved itself in Azerbaijan as a professional drilling company with expertise to handle the most complex projects. Its extensive experience in the industry and know-how allows the company to take part in important international projects”, CEO of Nobel Oil Services Vugar Samadli said.

“Following Azerbaijan’s export-oriented policy SOCAR AQS now will take part in this significant project and contribute in Turkey’s energy security applying the state-of-art technologies”, he added.

Nobel Oil Services is a diversified group of companies specialized in oil and gas industry. Companies operating within Nobel Oil Services provide drilling, construction and project management as well as equipment maintenance, procurement and enhanced oil recovery services, successfully expanding their activities in these fields.

 Nobel Oil Services is a major shareholder of SOCAR AQS.