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Nobel Oil Services launches a series of awareness sessions for its group of companies third party suppliers

Nobel Oil Services launches a series of awareness sessions for its group of companies third party suppliers


Nobel Oil Services maintains an effective Ethics and Compliance program, encouraging employees and business partners to behave in accordance with the requirements of compliance and corporate policies. As a part of Ethics and Compliance implementation strategy Nobel Oil Services (UK) Limited introduced awareness session to key vendors and suppliers for the group of companies with the aim to promote transparency in business operations.

The Company Chief Commercial Officer, made an opening statement emphasizing the significance of the Ethics and Compliance division and its role in building the strategy of the Company in the spirit of its core values: Integrity, Quality, Safety, One Team, and Excellence. Being guided by these principles, Nobel Oil Services ensures the transparent and effective selection process of third-party suppliers and vendors.

During the session Narmina Gardashkhanova, the Company Compliance Officer, introduced the structure and working mechanism of the Compliance Committee headed by the CEO of the Company. The Committee ensures conformity of corporate Policies and Procedures to the UK and local laws and regulations. Being a UK-registered company, Nobel Oil Services duly developed its Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy and Code of Conduct. The Company effectively manages “Share-Your-Concern” helpline as a mean of whistleblowing and encourages its vendors and suppliers to appeal with their complaints if the relevant cases arise. The Company guarantees that all cases will be reviewed by the compliance officer of Nobel Oil Services on fair and unbiased manner.

“Vendor validation became a mandatory process before entering into a business relationship with each company. Such sessions are planned to be conducted on a regular basis with all suppliers and vendors of the Company to ensure a transparent vendor validation process and selection of the best service provider,” said Narmina Gardashkhanova. “We thoroughly review all arisen cases by means of our Helpline in order to detect and eliminate vulnerabilities that may threaten the Company business and most important reputation” she added.

At the end of the session there were several case studies presented and discussed with participants.

Nobel Oil Services (UK) Limited is a diversified group of energy-related businesses registered in the UK with Corporate Governance framework developed in line with the UK Governance Code and UK legislation. 

Business entities operating within Nobel Oil Services (UK) Limited provide drilling, construction and project management, as well as equipment maintenance, procurement and enhanced oil recovery services.