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Nobel Oil Services’ subsidiary PROKON signed a contract with SOCAR-Uniper

Nobel Oil Services’ subsidiary PROKON signed a contract with SOCAR-Uniper


One of Nobel Oil Services’ subsidiaries PROKON has entered into a new contract with SOCAR-Uniper. Within the framework of the contract, PROKON will undertake general construction works and pre-commissioning, coordinating and managing all of SOCAR-Uniper’s construction activities and procurement of structural materials for steam turbine building.

The contract will make a significant contribution to increasing the power supply of Azerikimya, an operator of Polyethylene Plant, while securing PROKON’s involvement in the general construction works for SOCAR-Uniper’s operations within the chemical complex in Sumgayit.

“Currently, SOCAR-Uniper’s power plant generates steam and power through two steam turbines. PROKON will install the third specifically designed steam turbo set, including ancillary infrastructures which intends to substantially accelerate the power production”, General Director of PROKON Azad Namazov said. “Realization of the project will play a critical role in improving energy efficiency of Azerikimya assets”, he added.

Established in Azerbaijan in 2012 as a construction and project management subsidiary of Nobel Oil Services, a UK-registered group of companies, PROKON has become one of the leading local companies delivering large-scale projects in the industrial construction. The company adheres to the highest standards of both operational and financial performance, holding a “Transparent Tax Partner” status granted by the Ministry of Taxes for its continuous financial transparency.

 SOCAR-Uniper is a company for developing and implementing Energy Efficiency.