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Nobel Oil Services continues deployment of Compliance program on the corporate level

Nobel Oil Services continues deployment of Compliance program on the corporate level


Nobel Oil Services fosters ethics and compliance culture across the organization as well as among the stakeholders by encouraging employees and business partners to behave legally and ethically, and in accordance with the requirements of compliance and code of conduct.

One of the major steps in this respect is the establishment of “Compliance Helpline and Share-Your-Concern” practice. Employees within the group of companies are able to come forward with legal, compliance, and ethics questions and concerns without fear of retaliation. “The process is built to ensure independent and fair approach while maintaining total confidentiality. It is one of the compliance tools allowing us to detect threats which require our involvement and react accordingly”, said Narmina Gardashkhanova, compliance officer of Nobel Oil Services.  

“This practice also encourages our third-party suppliers to freely appeal to our “Compliance Helpline and Share-Your-Concern” around the clock by email, telephone and post”.

“We are invited to join regular meetings of Azerbaijan Ethics and Compliance Network (AECN), a non-commercial, non-governmental body, where ethics and compliance professionals take part in talks designed to increase awareness about ethical challenges and to promote adoption of inclusive and responsible business practices. Among its regular members there are BP, Schlumberger, Halliburton, Deloitte, E&Y. In our turn, we aim to contribute to the development of mutual E&C knowledge by sharing our best practices in the field,” she added.

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