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Nobel Oil Services establishes a joint venture with GAMA Industry Inc.

Nobel Oil Services establishes a joint venture with GAMA Industry Inc.


Nobel Oil Services through its subsidiary PROKON established new joint venture with the global industrial plant construction company GAMA Industry Inc. The new joint venture named ProkonGama will combine the expertise of both companies to provide best in class services in the market.

PROKON has a proven track record of numerous successfully accomplished projects. Since its foundation, PROKON has earned a professional reputation of a reliable partner and service provider with a competence to meet and surpass the clients' expectations. The Company has developed a significant expertise being one of a few local companies that capable of delivering large-scale construction projects in the country. One of the recent projects of PROKON is the construction of Ammonia and Urea Complex. SOCAR, Samsung Engineering, BP, Technip, Norm, Biwater, CTIEC, GAMA Industry Inc. are among top customers and partners of PROKON.

GAMA Industry Inc. has decades of experience in industrial construction with a portfolio of over 300 large-scale projects in Turkey, Russia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, as well as in other countries of Middle East, Central Asia and Europe. Sophisticated service line of GAMA Industry Inc. includes turnkey construction and installation of thermal and hydroelectric power plants; petroleum refineries, gas plants, petrochemical plants; iron and steel plants; cement plants; pipelines; dams; underground transportation systems; infrastructure utilities.  

Established in Azerbaijan in 2012 as a construction and project management subsidiary of Nobel Oil Services, the UK-registered group of companies, PROKON has become one of the leading companies delivering large-scale industrial projects in the country.  

PROKON adheres to the highest standards of both operational and financial performance. PROKON, as well as Nobel Oil, holds a “Transparent Tax Partner” status granted by the Ministry of Taxes for the transparent financial performance.