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SDL Nobel modernized its fabrication facility to deliver better services

SDL Nobel modernized its fabrication facility to deliver better services


SDL Nobel completed modernization of its fabrication shop with the aim to assure an improved quality of services for the clients.  

Renovated fabrication shop presents reorganized production line, new types of equipment for an expanded range of rendered services and improved working conditions. Machines for victaulic grooving, weld preparation, section cutting, etc. enlarged equipment inventory. Modern equipment allows to deliver better services and distinguishes the company in the market for its technical capabilities in terms of time and related cost.  

Modern welding tables are stationed for the application of various welding types. The painting shop, which is the last line of the production chain, is repaired and rebuilt, thereby ensuring the enhanced quality of painting works.  

SDL Nobel attaches great importance to safety standards. As a result of renovation program technical staff benefits from the reconstructed ventilation system, which has a significant effect on the safer working environment.  

All improvements contribute to provision of more efficient and safe operation as well as increased productivity and cost reduction.  

As a local company, SDL Nobel was established in 2016 to deliver first-in-class services and address the needs of major international and local clients in the region. SDL Nobel adopted the best practices from Nobel Oil Services (UK) Limited and SDL Denholm Limited – its co-owners with proven local and international expertise.  

SDL Nobel is specialized in provision of offshore and onshore fabrication services to the oil and gas industry. The range of its services covers fabrication and site installation, inspection of fabricated materials, pressure testing of fabricated materials and other services.