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PROKON launched a new office in Ankara, Turkey.

PROKON launched a new office in Ankara, Turkey.


PROKON launched a new office in Ankara, Turkey in February, 2020. The office is located in Sogutozu, business district of Ankara.

The vision of the company is to expand and become the leading contractor in the region providing engineering, procurement, construction and project management services. The goal of having an office in Turkey is to be involved and follow opportunities in this market and surrounding countries.

‘We would like to use this location to explore new markets in this region and establishing an eligible tendering department by recruiting highly skilled and experienced key people, including training young specialists from Azerbaijan. Other than that, Turkey’s location is very advantageous regarding logistics and supplies, so in future it can also be used as a starting point for logistic operations’ General Director of PROKON Machinery, Construction, Manufacturing, Installation, Industry and Commerce in Turkey, Umut Egel said.

Established in Azerbaijan in 2012 as a construction and project management subsidiary of Nobel Oil Services, a UK-registered group of companies, PROKON has become one of the leading local companies delivering large-scale projects in the industrial construction. The company adheres to the highest standards of both operational and financial performance.