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SDL Nobel signs new contract with BP

SDL Nobel signs new contract with BP


SDL Nobel signed a new 3-year contract with BP. Within the framework of this contract, SDL Nobel will render fabrication and site installation services for BP offshore and onshore assets in Azerbaijan.  

As a local company, SDL Nobel was established in 2016 to deliver first-in-class services and address the needs of major international and local clients in the region.  

SDL Nobel adopted the best practices from Nobel Oil Services (UK) Limited and SDL Denholm Limited – its co-owners with proven local and international expertise.  

“Since 2004, SDL Denholm Limited have held a similar contract with BP and we firmly believe that SDL Nobel, its subsidiary, will now follow suit and continue with the successful realization of the full range of activities and work scopes available,” said Peter Waddel, General Director of SDL Nobel.  

SDL Nobel is specialized in provision of offshore and onshore fabrication services to the oil and gas industry. The range of its services covers fabrication and site installation, inspection of fabricated materials, pressure testing of fabricated materials and other services.