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Safety management, control and monitoring

We continuously improve and develop the operational performance of our management system to ensure compliance with the expectations of supervisory bodies and customers and our internal procedures on health, occupational safety and Environmental Protection. Our HSE management system is based on strict compliance with the Law on Occupational Safety and the requirements of local legislation and the Labor Code.

In order to provide the unified approach to HSE requirements we have developed HSE policy. This policy contains the key principles and approaches to ensure the sustainable development of the management system based on the experience and liabilities of our company. This policy is focused on the performance of all works without any occupational injury and accident regardless of complexity.

In addition, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 international HSE management system has been successfully applied to align the operations of Nobel Energy’s subsidiaries with contemporary requirements. As part of our overall management system, HSE has been adapted to the requirements of international standards, enabling the management of risks by prioritizing preventive measures to contain and eliminate the consequences of potential incidents.

Control over Health, Safety and Environment is exercised by senior management of Nobel Energy, while the Board of Directors is responsible for reviewing the results of the company’s HSE performance.

The head of the Group’s Health, Safety and Environment division monitors the progress of activities specified in the roadmap and the annual plan, and provides updates at monthly meetings of the HSE management committee.

In addition, authorized managers and specialists of Nobel Energy and its subsidiaries exercise control over the implementation of plans and measures to improve occupational safety, the state of safety in the workplace and compliance with industrial safety requirements and environmental regulations.

Our most important goal is to develop leadership in Nobel Energy Group and among contractor companies and reinforce the safety culture.