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Occupational safety

Nobel Energy is convinced that the lives and health of its personnel are top priority and realizes its responsibility for operating safely and creating safe working conditions.

We care about the health and safety of all people involved in our operations and projects - employees, suppliers, subcontractors, customers and those living in surrounding communities. We demonstrate with our work our commitment to occupational safety and full compliance with regulatory requirements. We always strive to implement new initiatives in this area to further reinforce this approach to health and occupational safety.

Now Nobel Energy and its subsidiaries continue the implementation of organizational and technical measures to enhance safety and improve working conditions. A number of corporate programs were implemented in Nobel Energy Group to minimize production and occupational risks within the framework of our obligations on industrial, occupational and environmental safety.

Safety awareness

The knowledge and skills of employees in the field of health and safety are highly important for the sustainability of our business. We arrange a process of compulsory training of all employees, including senior executives, and exercise rigorous control over it. This helps the company to develop the right approach to safety culture.

Our training activities, first of all, include the implementation of visual programs on training, retraining and professional development with the aid of state-of-the-art materials, the application of a special training system for personnel working with hazardous equipment, and improvement of the quality of communication in the field of health and safety.

During the implementation of projects in our enterprises, a relevant safety plan is prepared at the initial stage. Before any important work commences, trainings are conducted for company employees and those of our contractors on key aspects and risks associated with the job. The company makes sure that work starts only after a detailed safety inspection has been completed.

Special assessment of working conditions

We attach more importance to creating and maintaining safe and decent working conditions for our employees than to technical and organizational issues.

In accordance with the national legislation and the measures Nobel Energy and its subsidiaries are taking to improve working conditions of their employees every year, an assessment of working conditions is conducted to identify harmful and hazardous factors of the production process and measure their impact on employees. 

According to the results, working conditions are classified and measures are taken to improve them.
To reduce the harmful impacts of production on our employees, we provide them with quality personal protective equipment and boots, hearing and vision protection, skin cleansing and decontamination aids.